Sean Millis Functional Art

  • Hawaiian Koa slab end table

  • Close up of the Hawaiian Koa slab end table

  • Live edge Maple side table

  • Bow-tie joint detail

Live edge and finished wood tables on custom steel bases

The materials that I select for my pieces always come with a story. Ok, maybe not steel. But, wood always has a story. The rings tell of years of growth. Good years and hard years. How it was cut. Why it was cut. Where it lived. The story is endless.

My Vision

I've always loved to make things. I was that kid building forts atop the highest tree I could find. Using the world around me to create things that made me happy. Pursuing a life of creativity, I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and Sculpture. And, despite a lengthy detour into technology, the Artist in me is alive again. I've begun creating functional art that makes me feel in touch with the world around me again.

I want to create objects that people love and want to keep forever. Hopefully passing them on to new generations with love.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials have been described as "... products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal."

Using reclaimed materials such as wood purchased from enviromentally conscious wholesellers helps achieve that goal. Using reclaimed metal for the bases is a bit harder. But, I do my best. Additionally, I try to use non-toxic finishes when applicable.

Hand Crafted

From early conversations about a particular piece to the final product, it's all hand crafted. I am personally involved in every step of the process. From sourcing materials to crafting the individual pieces required for the final product.

That said, I have yet to master making screws and other necessary items required to finish most works. Learning to forge my own materials is on my bucket list.

Custom Built

I love to solve problems for people. Whether it's how to design and build a functional kitchen island, a coffee table that inspires or an end table that provides that little extra space you want for your book and hot tea. I strive to work with you to create something you'll want to use every day. I normally start with a conversation about your need. With measurements in hand, draw up something in 3D, move to materials and finally build. The entire process requires communication and trust.

Contact Sean about creating a custom piece for your home or business.

I'm always open to talk about new projects, so don't hesitate to get in touch. And follow me on Instagram (@smillis) for weekly updates on custom projects.